Jul 292012

Lockout isn’t a bad movie but it’s hardly a memorable one. It’s yet another sci-fi thriller which fades into the background with the other wannabes. The visual effects is pretty bad especially early-on and the characters are one-dimensional but at the same time, at only 90-minutes (sans credits), it’s at an OK time-waster, nothing more, however.



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Jul 042012

American Reunion is a great finale to a funny and heartfelt franchise. For a certain generation this cast and characters have meant so much and to find them back together is a great accomplishment by the producers and filmmakers. The movie itself has some memorable moments and thankfully doesn’t restrain itself to the timeline of the direct-to-video sequels.



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Jul 032012

“Missing” The Complete First Season isn’t a well oiled machine compared with other serialized dramas and I suspect if it weren’t a mid-season replacement and only 10-episodes, not to mention starring Ashley Judd, this wouldn’t have been picked up in the first place. Even so, because it’s a short series plus a fantastic cast, it’s worth checking out even with a cliffhanger ending.


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Jun 202012

“Law & Order: Criminal Intent” The Seventh Year isn’t my favorite season of the veteran series if only because I’ve never been a fan of Chris Noth and his character. Even so, the episodes featured have some good stories and fine performances all around. As with other “Law & Order” releases, this one is also bare bones in the features department but the video/audio transfers should be satisfying for any fan of the series.



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Jun 152012

“Pretty Little Liars” The Complete Second Season is a great and compelling show. It’s not high art and has more than a smattering of soap opera drama but the four leads are great and the storyline never feels too drawn out. Unfortunately the DVD has much to be desired with throwaway features.



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May 212012

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island actually isn’t too bad of a movie. Even as an adult, I found it to be fairly entertaining and although I’d hardly say anything in the acting department was great and the characters are paper thin, the adventure and fantasy elements, along with a breezy plot, makes up for any of the movie’s flaws.



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Jul 122011

The “I <3 iCarly Collection” isn’t anything special as it just contains the previously released DVDs of “iFight Shelby Marx”, “iSaved Your Life” and “iSpace Out”. The features are the same, the audio and video is the same so unless you don’t already own these, in which case you can get them at a decent price (though I still recommend the season volume sets), then you can pass this on by.


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Jul 052011

Endure is a finely directed thriller with a good performance from Judd Nelson, thick stache and all, but the story itself is far too simplistic that it would’ve been better suited for a television series like “Criminal Minds” or “CSI”. I also had a problem with some of the behind-the-scenes decisions between the choppy editing and an overbearing and, at times, needless score during some key scenes.


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Mar 142011

Scooby-Doo: Curse of the Lake Monster certainly is not a very good film. The acting is subpar at best, the CGI horrid and the main freakin’ title character isn’t even in various and important scenes. While it’s not as bad as I had expected because I did manage to chuckle a couple of times and Hayley Kiyoko makes for a hot Velma that anyone can fall in love with, it’s still not wasting your time on either.


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Jan 252010

I don’t even know where to begin with Triangle. The movie’s premise is completely different than what the flick turns out to be, which aggravated me right off the bat. You figure out shortly into the film that the killer is one of the group and then the movie turns out to be nothing of what it really should have been.


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