Nov 192017

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is my least favorite of the series yet it’s still entertaining with a compelling enough mystery surrounding the plot and it was nice seeing the young cast becoming comfortable in their respective roles while the addition of Kenneth Branagh gives the darker tone, compared to Sorcerer’s Stone, some levity.


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Nov 242012

I hated The Apparition, it’s an appallingly poorly executed movie that had a terrible screenplay which stitches together random scenes in the hopes of scaring audiences and even on that front it miserably failed. The actors weren’t terrible but with nothing to work with, none of them came through very well save for maybe Ashley Greene. Nothing more to say but this is one film that should be skipped as there is no redeeming value at all.


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 11/24/2012  Blu-ray Reviews, Screen Caps
Sep 072012

Although the Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection is quite expensive ($345 on Amazon as of this writing), for fans of the series, it might be worth it. I know fans will have already owned it but there might be enough here to make it worth your while. As for the set itself, there’s an enormous amount of features including some new featurettes which expands on the behind-the-scenes world and how the franchise was made.



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 09/07/2012  Blu-ray Reviews