Aug 302015

Furious 7 takes insanity to the next level with incredible action sequences as well as impressive stunt work to go along with seeing characters I’ve come to care about since the beginning. No doubt the loss of Paul Walker weighed heavily on the cast and crew and one must give kudos for getting it done.


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Nov 242013

The Fast & Furious franchise continues to rev along gaining more momentum with each new installment and this sixth one offers more of the same with insane, albeit illogical, action set-pieces but thanks to its core cast, doesn’t really miss a beat even if on the whole is not as precise as Fast Five. Given the post credit sequence, I can’t wait to see what Fast 7 has in store.


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Jul 202013

Vehicle 19 had an interesting filmmaking concept in taking the viewer inside the van but instead of making for a suspenseful little flick, it’s one that seemingly meanders and gets downright dull in spite of a relatively short running time. I’d like to say Paul Walker was a saving grace but that’d be a lie as he only shows one expression and has a couple scenes that would even rank low in his career. Plain and simple, this is a movie one can skip.


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