Nov 052017

The DC Universe: 10th Anniversary Collection is an excellent release that even though some of the animated movies aren’t the best, having them in one place is nice. The only issue I have is, there is going to be more releases and given how physical media is going, not entirely sure there will be a volume 2 release, but who knows.


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Review: Grey’s Anatomy: Complete Thirteenth Season DVD

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Aug 232017

I really don’t like these Shonda Rhimes-created TV shows as I find them infuriating to watch with regards to manufactured drama, even more so than the usual, and Grey’s Anatomy is no different.


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Oct 282015

Toy Story That Time Forgot isn’t as good as Toy Story of Terror but it’s still a fun little short special where you get to see our old friends together again with a nicely constructed story and good voice work, in particular Kevin McKidd. Given the low $15 MSRP, this has the right amount of bonus material as well as good video/audio transfers to make it worth a purchase.


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