Feb 252016

Jurassic Predator, or as it was originally titled Xtinctions: Predator X, before somebody decided to utilize the French version in the hopes to capitalize on the success of Jurassic World, is a terrible film through and through; I’d say it’s SyFy quality work but that might be an insult to SyFy.


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Feb 232016

Note: This opinion piece may include major spoilers (based on trailers and online rumors/conjecture) to Batman v Superman.

“This may be the only thing I do that matters.”

For whatever reason, this line struck a chord with me upon hearing it in one of the TV spots that aired recently on Spike. It got my mind working that the Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be something different than we’ve seen before. This Bruce Wayne could be more introspective not questioning the need for a Batman but instead a man who has spent his life living in the shadows, taking out Gotham City scum, seeing a friend/ward/sidekick beaten and killed by a psychotic serial killer clown and leading to it all, the murder of his parents right in front of his eyes.

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 02/23/2016  Opinon
Feb 212016

Sheba, Baby isn’t one of Pam Grier’s great movies from the blaxploitation era but it’s still an entertaining and cheesy romp between the 1970s style, soundtrack and all around acting particularly on the part of D’Urville Martin and some of his cohorts (“that’s right”). This Blu-ray released through Arrow Video offers good video and audio transfers and a so-so selection of bonus material.


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Feb 182016

“Falling Skies” was a bit of an uneven series but I can’t say over the course of its five seasons I can’t say any of them were particularly ‘bad’ and had many entertaining moments. The series was also efficient with its budget and featured some impressive effects, both visual and make-up, while the acting all around was quite good headed by Noah Wyle as well as Will Patton.


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