Oct 082017

Arrow: The Complete Fifth Season was at least a passable year for a show I never really cared for but the writing still isn’t great and the performances were, at best, so-so. One big drawback is that the other two episodes in the 3-part “Invasion” crossover were not included in this set, lame.


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Apr 172017

Lionsgate Home Entertainment has announced the date and released artwork for the crime-thriller, Altitude starring Denise Richards, Greer Grammer, Chuck Liddell and Dolph Lundgren and directed by Alex Merkin (Across the Hall). Click on the link below or image to the left to check out the features and artwork.



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Nov 232015

War Pigs actually isn’t as terrible of movie as some make it out to be… but the acting is subpar and the story itself is limited but clocking in at just over 80-minutes it at least makes for a quick watch that ultimately isn’t satisfying yet I can’t say I’m overly disappointed considering this is a DTV flick.


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Nov 222014

The Expendables 3 continues a franchise that had more promise than delivering the goods, but still this wasn’t a terrible film, just underwhelming and at times a tad dull. I still enjoyed seeing these 1980s action stars together so it’s not a complete waste of time, but at best this is only a rental.


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Aug 192014

For a DTV flick, Legendary isn’t bad and the visual effects are halfway decent… well, probably Asylum levels and at least better than a SyFy Original Movie. Scott Adkins actually is alright here and Dolph Lundgren always seems to have a good time playing an unabashed villain. The DVD released by Lionsgate is unsurprisingly light on features but the audio and video transfers are both well done.


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Nov 022013

Ambushed isn’t a terrible movie but one that also is guilty of some false advertising prominently featuring Dolph Lundgren, Vinnie Jones and Randy Couture on the cover despite none of them being in the film for more than 15-minutes, though in the case of Couture, perhaps not the worst thing in the world. Still, the plot is a bit muddled trying to present a message about drugs and the culture, and the performances aren’t anything special outside of one or two of actors.

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Dec 252011

There’s no way around it, In the Name of the King 2 is a bad movie. No, it’s not so bad it’s good and I’m not sure even the MST3K crew could mock it for the full 90-minutes without giving up. Uwe Boll just might be our generation’s Ed Wood. He continually and somehow gets a modest budget; a half-decent cast (this one excluded), gets his hands on some video game franchise and yet still manages to muck it all up.



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Dec 232011

The Expendables: Extended Director’s Cut isn’t great but still a functional action-thriller bringing together manly men on the same screen together. On that front, the film succeeds and is at least a fun way to spend 110-minutes. The Blu-ray has solid audio and video transfers while the features are pretty good, though the best one was ported over from the previous release.



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Jun 012011

Johnny Mnemonic is a dumb movie… and that’s even before Psycho Flipper shows up. The acting at best could be described as stilted while the story itself was inane, though to be fair at its core this could’ve been an interesting idea but was clumsily executed. The Blu-ray for the most part is unremarkable both in terms of video and audio.


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Nov 182009


Everyone’s favorite action superstar Dolph Lundgren returns in yet another action-packed smash hit known as Command Performance. There’s not much else to say here, except for the fact that his latest is just like his past film I had to review, which I can’t remember the name of but I do remember it was good and violent. Okay, it was violent.

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