Apr 272016

Tumbledown is one of the nice surprises of 2016 showcasing great performances from its two leads, Rebecca Hall and Jason Sudeikis, and while it’s not the most challenging films, I appreciated the understated tone as any movie dealing with death and grief can become overly dramatic.


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Review: Howl’s Moving Castle BD + Screen Caps

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May 212013

Howl’s Moving Castle may not be considered one of Miyazaki’s greatest works but I enjoyed the movie for its splendid visuals, interesting storyline and well cast voice actors for both the Japanese and English-dubbed versions. The Blu-ray offered by Buena Vista presented excellent audio and video transfer while the features, albeit lacking, are at least worth one viewing.



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Feb 092012

What’s Your Number is another rom-com that doesn’t exactly break the mold for the genre. You get the old boy meets girl routine and some convoluted and even inane plot points but help me, I did manage to laugh a few times thanks mainly to Anna Faris. Make no mistake, it’s not a good movie and I’d that it might only be worth to Netflix if anything.



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