Feb 242021

Victor and Valentino: Folk Art Foes is a series from Cartoon Network and arrives on DVD for the first time through Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on March 2nd.



Victor and Valentino: Folk Art Foes

Genre(s): Animation, Family, Fantasy
Warner Bros. Home Entertainment | NR – 216 min. – $14.97 | March 2, 2021

Date Published: 02/24/2021 | Author: The Movieman

Writer(s): Diego Molano
Voice Cast: Diego Molano, Sean-Ryan Petersen, Laura Patalano, Christian Lanz, Daran Norris

Features: None
Slip Cover: No
Digital Copy: No
Formats Included: DVD
Number of Discs: 1

Audio: English (Dolby Digital 2.0), Spanish (Dolby Digital 2.0)
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.78
Subtitles: English SDH
Region(s): 1



Supernatural mayhem is a way of life in Monte Macabre, and it’s up to two fun-loving half brothers to contain it. That is, when they’re not starting it in the first place! Join mischievous Victor and kindhearted Valentino as they encounter mythical monsters, spooky specters and all manner of folklore foes during their hilarious adventures.



No features were included.


VIDEO – 3½/5, AUDIO – 3¾/5

Victor and Valentino: Folk Art Foes makes its debut on DVD presented with a 16×9 enhanced 1.78 widescreen aspect ratio and comes with a basic Dolby Digital 2.0 track.

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