May 192016

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is not a great movie, even by zombie standards, but the comedic moments work and the cast is nicely put together highlighted by Lily James and Sam Riley in the lead roles, though Lena Headey and Charles Dance aren’t used as effectively.


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Oct 262015

Terminator Genisys will (and has) no doubt pissed off plenty of fans but taking emotion out of it, I actually didn’t think it was awful. The action scenes, albeit generic at times, were at least well shot, and the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Guardian was welcome and helped overshadow some of the shortcomings. In spite of those, it’s at least a passable and entertaining flick, though don’t go in expecting much.


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Jul 302011

“Doctor Who: Series Six, Part One” is a fine collection of episodes that introduce new friends and enemies of The Doctor and the collection of seven episodes each present great stories and expands the mythos of the universe the writers have created. That said, whether you’re merely a casual viewer like myself or a rabid fan, I would recommend waiting for the sixth season to finish before picking up either the second part or the entire sixth series.


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