Nov 132016

For some reason, the caps in the gallery pages are not loading. I’ve contacted Imgur about this so hopefully it can be fixed. In the meantime, you can click the Imgur logo which will load the gallery and you can check out the screen captures there. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Dec 072015

Well, it’s that time of year. A time to be with family. A time to run up those dang credit card bills. Every year I tell myself I’ll limit my spending on “me” items but these studios just have to release something that challenges my resolve (i.e. Fox’s “X-Files” series set on Blu-ray). I’ve compiled a listing of some holiday gift ideas from the inexpensive to the slightly expensive, gifts the entire family can enjoy without breaking the wallet… or whatever they say on channels like QVC or HSN.

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Jan 132014

Hello to the two or three readers out there!

So as I found out a few days ago, even The Movieman isn’t immune from the flu/cold season, thus why updates have been nill of late. In theory I always thought I’d use the time I was sick to catch up on reviewing some titles… in theory… but I could hardly get my body to move and even so, my head was in a fog that I could barely put together a cogent sentence. So, I’m going to use the next few days to recuperate and get back to the reviews this upcoming weekend, so stay tuned.

Brian aka The Movieman