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Slowly but surely I am replacing the links for some screen captures. There are some pages with low view counts where they’ve been removed but if there was any interest, reply here and I can upload them. However, some of the more popular reviews are being replaced, just takes time as I have to do this manually. Thank you again for your patience and I do have reviews coming up.

 12/20/2020  Site News

  5 Responses to “Site Update/Screen Capture Update #2”

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  1. Are you going to replace the screencaps for some Warner Archive Blu-rays from 2020 like Girl Crazy, Pride and Prejudice, Dodsworth or The Stalking Moon?
    Thanks for your great work!

  2. Yes I am.

  3. Screen captures back. Thank you for checking in!

  4. Nice, thanks again! I’m also interested in Tin Cup, Reversal of Fortune, Rachel and the Stranger, Strike Up the Band, Penelope and Underwater, if it’s not too much trouble. Please take your time.

  5. Sure, might take some time but will get those, probably this weekend. Titles starting to roll in again after the holidays.

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