Jul 242021

Seance, starring Suki Waterhouse, Madisen Beaty, Ella-Rae Smith and Inanna Sarkis, is a weird mix of 90s slasher and supernatural horror. The release from RLJ includes a commentary track, featurette, deleted scenes and an image gallery.




Genre(s): Horror, Fantasy
RLJ Films| NR – 93 min. – $28.96 | August 3, 2021

Date Published: 07/24/2021 | Author: The Movieman

Director: Simon Barrett
Writer(s): Simon Barrett (written by)
Cast: Suki Waterhouse, Madisen Beaty, Ella-Rae Smith, Inanna Sarkis

Features: Commentary, Featurette, Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, Gallery
Slip Cover: Yes
Digital Copy: No
Formats Included: Blu-ray
Number of Discs: 1

Audio: English (DTS-HD MA 5.1)
Video: 1080p/Widescreen 2.39
Subtitles: English SDH
Disc Size: 21.57 GB
Total Bitrate: 22.89 Mbps
Codecs: MPEG-4 AVC
Region(s): A



Camille Meadows (SUKI WATERHOUSE) is the new girl at the prestigious Edelvine Academy for Girls, after  the apparent suicide of student. Soon after her arrival, while serving detention together following an altercation, Camille and six other girls gather for a late-night ritual, calling forth the spirit of a dead former student who reportedly haunts their halls. But before morning, one of the girls is dead, leaving the others wondering what they may have awakened.



This release comes with a slightly title-embossed slip cover. Included is a Director’s Commentary track, Behind the Scenes of Séance (18:08) making-of featurette, 6 Deleted Scenes, some Outtakes (1:52), jokey Decapitation Pre-Viz (0:20) and a Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery.


VIDEO – 4¼/5, AUDIO – 4/5

Séance summons the dead onto Blu-ray through RLJ Films, presented with a 2.39 widescreen aspect ratio and given a 1080p high-definition transfer. For the most part the picture here looks pretty good, detail is decent enough while colors are on the darker side as a fair portion takes place either at night or in darkened rooms. Textures aren’t the best but still it’s a fine transfer, just a tad below average when comparing to other newer films.

The disc comes with a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track which I found to be perfectly serviceable. Dialogue comes across with good clarity and there is some modest depth here and there. Nothing spectacular nor will it give your surround system much of a workout, but still sounds decent enough.

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