Dec 282014

These are only here to give an idea of the movie’s video quality and may not be truly representative of it.

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  1. I get what you mean how the story shifts abruptly but if you follow the story closely you see it actually makes sense. Ultimately David (Dan Stevens) went to help his friends family like he promised. However he may have been a little overzealous killing what he saw as obstacles to the families happiness, the drug dealer and the father’s boss, all were in a twisted way good for the family. Its Anna’s meddling which kills her family. Like you said he’s programmed to elliminate loose ends which became the very family he wanted to help. The death scene which was a homage to classic 80’s horror like Friday the 13th actually makes perfect sense if you realize the kid brother didn’t kill him. David didn’t want to kill them and when the kid brother stabbed him he faked his death thus negating any need to eliminate them since they’re both witnesses to his death. The dumbass Anna of course noticing him and possibly alerting the authorities might just force him to kill her and her brother.
    As you might have noticed I was 100% on David’s side he tried to help in a anti hero twisted fashion and only killed the parents because of the mental conditioning he underwent. He did it unwillingly albeit without hesitation. Anna on the otherhand I got no sympathy for, if she left things well enough alone her parents would still be alive. The kid brother was more reasonable than her.
    All in all I think the film is an instant classic, I certainly recommended it to everyone I know. Though I admit I was disappointed because their response was similar to yours.

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