Nov 072013

These are only here to give an idea of the movie’s video quality and may not be truly representative of it.

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  1. Very good review, but im sorry 3.75/5 is extremely generous. This was my movie of the year and was very much looking forward to it especially with the early trailers showing a more down to earth story based movie.

    But….. the trailers where misleading, it turned out to be a Transformers movie, insert kryptonians in place of robots. Deserves 2/5 tops. Hence they anounced Batman for the sequel to wash it over. This movie could have easily outbilled Ironman3 if it had ben done well, instead it made half of what Ironman did.

  2. Perhaps, but despite its flaws, I did enjoy it.

    As for Batman being included, I’m sure box office receipts did come into the thinking but I believe Warner wants to fast track Justice League and the easiest way is to introduce Batman in BvS rather than his own solo movie. This is especially true if the rumor of Wonder Woman being in it, even as a cameo, is right.

    Personally, I wish there would be a straight forward Man of Steel 2 because the relationships between Superman, Lois and the others needs further establishment that was missing in the first one and there would be the time since they don’t need to go over his origin again (which must have taken up about 30-40 minutes).

  3. @WETRO
    this film is 80 BILLION times better than the transformers garbage
    every thing they do wrong, this did right.


    transformers have no balance between story and action, THIS DID

    there is nothing wrong with mass battle scenes as long as you can tell whats going on and characters to route for and care about giving the battles emotional depth, the transformers had NONE of that, this had that perfectly.

    transformers had racist bottom of the barrel toilet humor, this did not whatsoever.

  4. @”THE”
    I’m allowing the comment but have edited out the unnecessary attacks. You can make your point without them.

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