Feb 252010

If there’s one thing you can count on in this crazy, mixed up world is Roland Emmerich directing a massively expensive disaster movie […] and even though I will always have a soft spot for Independence Day and the groundbreaking visual and special effects, I was actually fairly impressed with his latest, 2012.


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Feb 242010

No good reason to post this except, well I figured why not. Here is a description from the YouTube page:

“This four-minute video was first made public at the “Pop Life: Art in a Material World” art exhibit in London’s Tate Modern museum.

In an August video shoot, Dunst sang and danced to The Vapors’ “Turning Japanese” song in a sailor-suit costume and a blue wig in Tokyo’s Akihabara otaku shopping district. Murakami and McG happened to have the same manager, and the manager brought the two together at the end of last year to discuss the collaboration.”

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Feb 232010

I’m sure director F. Gary Gray and writer Kurt Wimmer had a great psychological thriller on their hands on paper, the problem is, and this seems to happen all too often, what comes onto the big screen thanks to pacing or even casting, doesn’t translate very well.


Putting everything into perspective; this is a great flick that truly does need to be enjoyed by all. The few problems I have set aside the acting is phenomenal here and the ending has a great twist.


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Feb 222010

Sorority Row may just be another slasher pic with some unique kills but the finale is the real killer of this film. However, the audio and video are both solid and although I would’ve liked to have seen better featurettes than the standard EPK-like one’s we got, the Picture-in-Picture track is decent but the audio and video are both quite good and make this set a slightly above average Blu-ray.


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Feb 172010

Outside of the features and the fact Fox failed to put the extended cut on the disc, this is a good Blu-ray for anyone to have in their collection. It may not have the outstanding visuals as others that have come before, but it’s still very good and the audio is fantastic.


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Feb 162010

Steven Soderbergh’s latest film reunites him with one of the stars of the Ocean’s franchise, Matt Damon and in all honesty, I had some hopes this would live up to some of the reviews I had caught online over the past few months. Unfortunately, it did not.


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Feb 162010

Normally when a big cast like Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore, Kate “I’m not a vampire in this movie” Beckinsale, and Sam Rockwell join forces the movie has got to be entertaining. I mean, no movie has ever done a plot where a father learns that his family is nothing how he forced them to be when they were younger. No, that could never happen.


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Feb 152010

Halo Legends is a fantastic flick for fans of the video game or newcomers to the series. I do however find it odd that the film is available on Blu-Ray and DVD, but this Blu-Ray is an easy purchase for fans and newcomers. The technical package is decent and the special features are what make this one worth your hard earned bucks.


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Feb 132010

For some of the script’s shortcomings, I found Women in Trouble to be a surprisingly funny movie. Probably most men will be drawn to the eye-catching artwork, but inside is a good ensemble with heartfelt stories at the core. Now, I don’t want to oversell the movie as some second coming and I’m not entirely sure how women will approach it as there’s some obvious T-n-A there to appeal to the males watching, but I for one was entertained.


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