Apr 302018

The Virgin Suicides is a movie that didn’t have a huge impact on me then and now I can appreciate it for its direction and the performances, but nothing else otherwise in terms of any emotional impact.


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Aug 312017

First Kill was admittedly a tad better than I expected but not due to the point-and-shoot direction, a poor script or even Bruce Willis who seemed to give more of a damn compared to his other Grindstone DTV films, but a genuinely charm-filled performance from Gethin Anthony.


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Apr 062015

It’s become common place for a few years to find Nicolas Cage on the front cover a direct-to-video movie and normally I can appreciate it for his insane performance but with Outcast he’s merely a supporting player with the charmless Hayden Christensen taking front stage. It’s not a well made movie but it’s also not terrible, just utterly forgettable and even boring.


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Jan 292010

I was absolutely enthralled with 2006’s Paris, I Love You as it beautifully showcased the City of Love, Lights, Dreams, Art, et cetera while also giving us stories that made use of each precious minute allotted; and I had high hopes for the follow-up, New York, I Love You where we get to see the City That Never Sleeps. Unfortunately even though the directors try their best to showcase New York, the stories never quite hit the emotional levels (be it for comedy or drama) that I felt with Paris.