Jan 222021

Spell is a supernatural-horror film starring Omari Hardwick (Power) and Loretta Devine and comes to Blu-ray and DVD from Paramount Players and has a few featurettes and deleted scenes.




Genre(s): Suspense/Thriller, Horror
Paramount | R – 91 min. – $39.99 | January 12, 2021

Date Published: 01/22/2021 | Author: The Movieman

Director: Mark Tonderai
Writer(s): Kurt Wimmer (written by)
Cast: Omari Hardwick, Loretta Devine, John Beasley, Lorraine Burroughs

Features: Featurettes, Deleted Scenes
Slip Cover: Yes
Digital Copy: Yes
Formats Included: Blu-ray
Number of Discs: 1

Audio: English (DTS-HD MA 5.1)
Video: 1080p/Widescreen 2.35
Subtitles: English SDH, English, French, Spanish
Disc Size: 33.24 GB
Total Bitrate: 33.07 Mbps
Codecs: MPEG-4 AVC
Region(s): A, B, C

Paramount provided me with a free copy of the Blu-ray I reviewed in this Blog Post.
The opinions I share are my own.


While flying to his father’s funeral in rural Appalachia, an intense storm causes Marquis (OMARI HARDWICK) to lose control of the plane carrying himself and his family (LORRAINE BURROUGHS, HANNAH GONERA, KALIFA BURTON). He soon awakens wounded, alone and trapped in Ms. Eloise’s (LORETTA DEVINE) attic. Eloise claims she can nurse him back to health with a hoodoo figure she’s made from his blood and skin. Unable to call for help, Marquis desperately tries to break free from her dark magic and save his family from a sinister ritual before the rise of the blood moon.



This release includes a semi-glossy slip cover and inside a redemption code for the Digital HD copy. Back cover boasts of “Over an Hour of Bonus Content”, total running time was 1:00:44, so technically true but just barely.

Deleted/Extended Scenes (26:51) — There are 15 scenes here, including alternate opening and end scenes. Nothing amazing here and probably good to cut down the movie to its slimmer running time, but worth checking out at least.

The Nightmare Spell (3:10) — Short film or something on the “spell” placed on our main character.

Rootwork: Conjuring Spell (17:54) — Behind-the-scenes featurette on the making of the film with on-set interviews with members of the cast and crew.

The Art of Hoodoo (12:49) looks at the production design of the film.


VIDEO – 4/5

Tonally Spell isn’t exactly a bright, cheerful movie. Daytime scenes had some good coloring as was the sharpness on the close-up shots while, especially halfway through, while our main character is being held by Ms. Eloise, the movie does look dark but even so, the black levels are well balanced being able to discern what’s happening on screen.

AUDIO – 4½/5

The disc comes equipped with a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track which has some decent depth with ambient noises and the score making most out of the front and, particularly, rear speakers. Dialogue and any central action coming out of the center channel. Nothing predominantly astonishing or amazing, but still more than serviceable.


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