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Years and Years is a Limited Television series originally airing on BBC and later in the States, on HBO, featuring Emma Thompson. The DVD from the Warner Archive Collection is out on February 25th.



Years and Years
— The Limited Series —

Genre(s): Drama
Warner Archive | TVMA – 355 min. – $24.99 | February 25, 2020

Date Published: 02/11/2020 | Author: The Movieman

Writer(s): Russell T Davies (created by)
Cast: Emma Thompson, Rory Kinnear, T’Nia Miller, Russell Tovey, Jessica Hynes, Ruth Madeley

Features: None
Slip Cover: No
Digital Copy: No
Formats Included: DVD
Number of Discs: 2

Audio: English (Dolby Digital 5.1)
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen 2.00
Subtitles: English SDH
Region(s): 1



As Britain withdraws from Europe, America becomes a lone wolf and China asserts itself, the world is rocked by a flurry of unstable political, economic, cultural and technological advances. It’s a world in which no one can tell political right from left – as evidenced by the rise to power of Vivienne Rook (EMMA THOMPSON), a brash entrepreneur whose say-anything style makes her as appealing as she is controversial.



Years and Years comes to DVD through Warner’s Archive Collection and the discs are DVD-R. No features were included.


VIDEO – 3.75/5, AUDIO – 3.5/5

The show is presented with a 16×9 enhanced 2.00 widescreen aspect ratio and looks standard for a drama series, colors are a bit drab at times and there were some minor pixilation, otherwise it’s a fine looking picture. Each episode comes with a Dolby Digital 5.1 track and the bulk of it is dialogue through the center channel with basic ambient noises via the front and rear speakers.

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