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This is a case of quantity over quality here, though there are a couple of decent films like Vacancy and I Know What You Did Last Summer (if you like late 90s slasher horror) but otherwise these are movies previously released by Mill Creek re-packaged together.



Scared to Death: Horror Movie Collection

Genre(s): Horror
Mill Creek Entertainment | NR – 1331 min. – $14.98 | April 3, 2018

Date Published: 04/29/2018 | Author: The Movieman


Directed by: Various
Writer(s): Various
Cast: Jensen Ackles, Emmanuelle Béart, Kate Beckinsale, Camilla Belle, Emily Blunt, Katie Cassidy, Morris Chestnut, Ethan Embry, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Cole Hauser, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jesse Metcalfe, Olivia Munn, Ryan Phillippe, William Sadler, Rufus Sewell, Shannon Sossamon, Dominique Swain, James Van Der Beek, Luke Wilson
Features: None
Digital Copy: No
Formats Included: DVD
Number of Discs: 4
Audio: English (Dolby Digital 2.0)
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen
Subtitles: None
Region(s): 1



After an accident on a winding road, four teens (JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT, RYAN PHILLIPPE, SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR, FREDDIE PRINZE JR.) make the fatal mistake of dumping their victim’s body into the sea. Exactly one year later, the dead man returns from his watery grave, and he’s looking for more than an apology.THE CAVE (2005)
Deadly monsters hunt members (COLE HAUSER, MORRIS CHESTNUT, EDDIE CIBRIAN) of an exploration team within a vast network of caverns beneath the Carpathian Mountains.WHEN A STRANGER CALLS (2006)
To Jill Johnson (CAMILLA BELLE), it was the perfect babysitting job. The parents were away. The fridge was stocked. The children were tucked into bed. But then the phone rings and an ominous voice asks, “Have you checked the children?” Locked in with the lights out and the curtains drawn, a panicky Jill phones the police, who trace the calls – only to inform her they’re coming from inside the house. And as the frightened teenager goes upstairs to check on the children, Jill’s quiet night of babysitting is about to turn into a nerve-shattering nightmare of suspense, horror and dread. 

VACANCY (2007)
When David (LUKE WILSON) and Amy Fox’s (KATE BECKINSALE) car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, they are forced to spend the night at the only motel around, with only the TV to entertain them—until they discover that the low-budget slasher movies they’re watching were all filmed in the very room in which they’re sitting. With hidden cameras now aimed at them—trapping them in rooms, crawlspaces, underground tunnels—and filming their every move, David and Amy must struggle to get out alive before they end up the next victims on tape.

DEVOUR (2005)
For months, Jake Gray (JENSEN ACKLES) has been haunted by disturbing premonitions of murder and self-mutilation he can’t explain, until two high school friends, Dakota (DOMINIQUE SWAIN) and Conrad (TEACH GRANT), introduce him to a mysterious online computer game called The Pathway. Suddenly, Jake’s violent visions are brought to life as the game begins transforming his terrifying daydreams into gruesome reality.

Ten years have passed since the world’s children fell into a coma. Tonight they’re waking up and all hell is breaking loose. An unholy battle between the generations is being waged, and time is not on the side of adults. 

Desperate to get home for Christmas, a college student (EMILY BLUNT) catches a ride with a strange classmate (ASHTON HOLMES). As soon as she realizes he knows a little too much about her, the stranger decides to take a shortcut down a remote country road. Caught in a raging snowstorm, the young travelers are suddenly forced off the road by a mysterious car. Stranded, they soon realize the cold is the least of their worries. 

A devoted brother (JESSE METCALFE) gets more than he bargained for when he takes the rap for his criminally inclined sister (KIELE SANCHEZ) and gets placed in the care of a doctor (PETER STORMARE) who’s using his patients as guinea pigs for a terrifying new drug. Upon being administered a dose of the experimental medication, the test-subjects transform into violent, flesh-eating psychopaths.

VINYAN (2008)
A couple (EMMANUELLE BÉART, RUFUS SEWELL) is looking for their child who was lost in the 2004 tsunami. Their search takes them to the dangerous Thai-Burmese waters and then into the jungle, where the face unknown but horrifying dangers.

MONSTER MOVIE MIX: HORROR BEYOND THE GRAVE/TERROR BEYOND THE STARS contains The Corpse Vanishes, Night Fright, Killers from Space, Destination Space, The Passage Beyond, Blunder and Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hydge; plus short films Tales of Frankenstein (27 min.), Verdict from Space (22 min.), Flash Gordon: Return of the Androids (25 min.), Captain Z-Ro: Meteor (26 min.) and Johnny Jupiter (29 min.).



This 4-disc set is spread across 3 previously released sets from Mill Creek: Queens of Scream, Possessed by Evil and Monster Movie Mix.


VIDEO – 3.0/5, AUDIO – 2.75/5

Each film is shown in their original aspect ratios (ranging from widescreen 1.78-2.40 and full frame) and the audio is mostly Dolby Digital Stereo, which were adequate enough.

OVERALL – 2.5/5

Overall, this is a case of quantity over quality here, though there are a couple of decent films like Vacancy and I Know What You Did Last Summer (if you like late 90s slasher horror) but otherwise these are movies previously released by Mill Creek re-packaged together.

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