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This “Power Rangers” Seasons 13-17 set is another solid seasons of the long-running, enduring series. Sure, its cheesy as all hell, the acting isn’t the best but it’s also entertaining in the breezy sort of way. This season set compiled by Shout Factory offers up OK audio/video transfers and some well made, newly recorded featurettes.




“Power Rangers”: Seasons 13-17


The Movie
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Genre(s): Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Shout Factory | TVY7 – 3300 min. – $129.99 | April 1, 2014

Directed by:
Writer(s): Various
Cast (S.P.D.): Brandon Jay McLaren, Alycia Purrott, Chris Violette, Monica May, Matt Austin, Brett Stewart, Antonia Prebble, John Tui, Michelle Langstone
Cast (Mystic Force): Firass Dirani, Richard BranCatisano, Melanie Vallejo, Angie Diaz, Nic Sampson, Peta Rutter
Cast (Operation Overdrive): James Maclurcan, Gareth Yuen, Caitlin Murphy, Samuel Benta, Rhoda Montemayor, Dwayne Cameron, David Weatherley
Cast (Jungle Fury): Jason Smith, Aljin Abella, Anna Hutchison, David de Lautour, Nikolai Nikkolaeff
Cast (RPM): Eka Darville, Ari Boyland, Rose Mclver, Daniel Ewing, Milo Cawthorne, Mike Ginn, Li Ming Hu

Number of Discs: 22

Audio: English (Dolby Digital Stereo)
Video: Full Frame 1.33
Subtitles: NA
Region(s): 1



“Power Rangers: S.P.D.” (2005)
In the not-too-distant future, the Power Rangers open a Police Academy to train, educate and house the next generation of Rangers. The Earth is now an interstellar melting pot where alien beings from distant planets live alongside humans, but it is also a dangerous plane where a planet-conquering alien force has turned its destructive sights on Earth… and all that stands in the way of Earth’s demise and the fall of our universe is the newest breed of Power Rangers S.P.D. – Space Patrol Delta!

“Power Rangers: Mystic Force” (2006)
The evil Mortican leads his army of darkness to attack the modern-day peaceful city of Briarwood. To stop them, the powerful sorceress Udonna recruits a team of five teenagers destined to become the Power Rangers: Mystic Force. Udonna takes this new team of Rangers to her magical headquarters in an otherworldly forest known as Rootcore. There, the Rangers practice magic and through the powers of the magical book known as the Xenotome, use spells to battle back the forces of evil encroaching on our world. Equipped with Mystic Morphers and Magi Staffs and aided by other magical Rangers, our heroes will need every trick up their sleeves to overcome the vast armies of Mortican.

“Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive” (2007)
Throughout the history of mankind, good has battled evil… and good has always prevailed, but all of that is about to change. The “Crown of the Gods,” encrusted with seven magnificent jewels from seven galaxies, is said to bestow ultimate power on the wearer: Once written about by the ancients, but dismissed as mythical folklore and long ago forgotten, this legendary crown has been re-discovered. Dark forces from the past awaken and search for the seven missing jewels. If they are found and placed in the crown, evil will be unstoppable. Five brave teens set out on an exciting global treasure hunt to track down and find these long-lost jewels. Their quest will be filled with action, adventure, spectacular battles and mind-wracking puzzles to decode. The jewels must be found and secured, or evil will wear the Crown of the Gods. Our world and the entire universe’s fate rests in the hands of Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive.

“Power Rangers: Jungle Fury” (2008)
A secretive Kung Fu clan in modern times is attacked by the evil spirit Dai Shi. With their master dead and one of their members possessed by the evil spirit, three Kung Fu adepts search for new masters and new abilities to defeat the evil force before it can destroy the world. Under the tutelage of the easygoing RJ, three students become Power Rangers. Using animal Kung Fu techniques, they battle the army of Dai Shi known as the Rinshi.

“Power Rangers: RPM” (2009)
In a world ravaged by a malicious, rapidly evolving computer virus known as Venjix, the last survivors of humanity huddle under the domed city of Corinth. Protecting the people of Corinth is the last force left on Earth to stand against this computerized menace – the Power Rangers RPM. Led by the brilliant but elusive Dr. K, this elite squad of teenagers trained to operate sophisticated armored suits and state-of-the-art combat vehicles defend the people of Corinth. But when an amnesiac vagabond named Dillon wanders in from the wastelands one day, he brings with him a body full of Venjix technology cybernetic implants and a secret that can either finally turn the tide against the endless robotic menace that has all but conquered the planet Earth, or wipe out the human race for good.


Each season set is contained in a standard DVD case while the special features disc in a thin one. A booklet with episode listings and cast bios is also included. All of this is housed in a thick outer case.

Mod Props (18:46) – Prop master Mark Richardson and members of the cast look back on working with the props of “Power Rangers”.

Rangers on Set (17:11) – Cast members reflect on their favorite – and least favorite – sets.

Ranger Tales (TRT 77:10) – Split between “S.P.D.”, “Jungle Fury” and “R.P.M.”, cast and crew members recall their time as Power Rangers. These are quite extensive and well worth watching each one especially if you’re a fan of any of these series.

Collect ‘Em All (15:51) – The fans of the franchise show off their favorite “Power Rangers” toys and collectibles.

The S.P.D. Rangers Want You (TRT 22:30) is a collection of recruiting adverts.

Special Messages from the Mystic Force Rangers (TRT 1:31) – Here we get commercials from the MFR about eating right, staying active and volunteering.

Ranger Secrets (TRT 2:34) has the MFR answering fan questions.

Mystic Force: Forces of Nature (2:44) are profiles on each of the Mystic Force ranger.

Operation Overdrive Files (TRT 26:11) are some info on the Ranger bios, vehicles, arsenal and overall lessons.

Last up are some Original Promos.


VIDEO – 3.0/5

Each “Power Rangers” season set is presented in 1.33 full frame aspect ratio and probably looks on par with how it aired on TV. It’s nothing overly impressive with plenty of pixilation and artifacting but the transfers seem relatively clean and bright.

AUDIO – 3.0/5

The episodes have been given standard Dolby Digital 2.0 audio tracks which are serviceable for dialogue but the music and action elements are flat. But like the video, you don’t really need much to enjoy the series.

OVERALL – 3.0/5

Overall, this “Power Rangers” Seasons 13-17 set is another solid seasons of the long-running, enduring series. Sure, its cheesy as all hell, the acting isn’t the best but it’s also entertaining in the breezy sort of way. This season set compiled by Shout Factory offers up OK audio/video transfers and some well made, newly recorded featurettes.


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