May 082016

Manhunter is probably one of the better psychological thrillers and a tad underrated especially for a film of the ‘80s and while there are plenty of elements from that era (look no further than the electronica score) but the performances are so dang compelling led by William Petersen and Tom Noonan.


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Feb 112012

If you’re fan of “CSI”, this is your chance to get at least one, feature-length, episode in high-definition given Paramount has seemingly given up on releasing the series on Blu-ray now (seasons 1 and 9 are the only two). I do wish they had offer up more features rather than merely porting over the one featurette from the season box set (how about a commentary?). Even so, if you can grab this at a good price, then it might be worth it.


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Feb 092010

William Friedkin is either a directorial madman or an insane genius. If you watch The French Connection, you definitely get the feel for the latter. It’s a cinematic classic. It is a thriller that I think most directors aspire to achieve. […] Although this 1985 crime thriller doesn’t exactly achieve those levels, it still retains Friedkin’s unique style… for better or worse.


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