Sep 122016

Captain America: Civil War is a good movie for sure and I did enjoy elements of it and the fight between Cap and Iron Man was well done, however, the film does have its issues but on the whole is entertaining.


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Review: Days and Nights DVD

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Feb 102015

Well intentioned for sure but ultimately Days and Nights, written and directed by Christian Camargo, is a fairly dull film with some OK acting from a nicely put together named cast; despite the talent involved, it just was not an engaging flick. The DVD released by MPI features good video/audio while the bonus material is relatively basic.


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Jun 252014

Winter’s Tale has a lot going for it from a decently high production design, a well rounded cast headlined by Colin Farrell and Russell Crowe, but with such an apparently difficult novel to adapt for feature film, what we get instead is disjointed and doesn’t have the right pacing. The Blu-ray released by Warner Brothers does have good video and audio transfers but the limited bonus material is flimsy.


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