Oct 212013

Internal Affairs is a bit of a forgotten crime-drama overshadowed a few years later by Heat and even only 3 years earlier with The Untouchables. Even so, Richard Gere turns in an incredible performance and playing opposite, Andy Garcia is also top notch. I don’t think it’s a perfect movie and I think it had potential to be better, but director Mike Figgis has a good eye and at least makes an above average genre film.


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Sep 012013

The Stranger Within is not the worst movie I’ve seen this year, but it’s still really bland. The story is all over the place and the acting isn’t anything special, though special credit to Estella Warren for being able to keep a straight face. This is something I’d expect to air on the Lifetime Channel but that might be an insult to Lifetime as some of their movies are at least acceptable entertainment; this one is merely forgettable.


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 09/01/2013  DVD Reviews
Apr 122013

Sexy Evil Genius is a fun low budget film propelled primarily on the cast and their interactions with one another than anything else. The story itself, though, does at least keep you on edge just trying to figure out what the main character’s ultimate goal is. I wouldn’t say this was a memorable film or anything, but it is worth a one-off viewing at least. The DVD itself has acceptable video/audio transfers while the features are underwhelming, though the commentary is enjoyable.


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 04/12/2013  DVD Reviews