Aug 042013

Passenger 57 is a silly action film typical of the 1990s era but between Wesley Snipes kick-ass nature and Bruce Payne’s delightfully ham-filled villainous performance, it makes for at least a fun viewing even if it doesn’t offer anything new to the genre. But outside of a couple of lines, it’s fairly forgettable. The Blu-ray released by Warner does have decent audio and video transfers but is nearly void of any bonus features.


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Jun 302012

Blade II is a great movie and one of the better comic book films to be released in the past decade. Having Guillermo del Toro helm this entry was one reason for its success especially in the visual realm. The action is well shot and the suspense is maintained throughout. It also features a good performance from Wesley Snipes as well as Ron Perlman who make for a cool baddie.



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Jun 032012

U.S. Marshals isn’t a bad film and actually has a few decent scenes throughout. It’s competently made for sure, but that’s about it as the film is as by-the-numbers as it gets. The acting is fine, although even Tommy Lee Jones looked like he couldn’t give a rat’s ass and was merely there for a nice paycheck (reprising an Oscar-winning role, after all). Still, if it’s a slow, breezy Saturday afternoon, then it might be worth watching.



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May 232011

I guess Money Train has that so bad its good aspect going for it, especially in regards to Robert Blake’s inane performance but otherwise it’s just another forgettable action piece of the 1990s. In comparison with other buddy comedies, it also falls way short as I didn’t feel the comradery between Snipes and Harrelson and the story never quite gels either as it wasn’t what it was.


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Jul 142010

Anchor Bay Home Entertainment has been kind enough to provide a copy of Brooklyn’s Finest crime-drama starring Richard Gere, Don Cheadle, Ethan Hawke and Wesley Snipes on Blu-ray and now here’s your chance to win it! No trivia questions to answer. No pop quiz (hot shot). All you have to do is e-mail the address below and wa-la, that’s it! Of course, please read the instructions below because if you do not follow it, your entry will be tossed (since I’m making this so easy for you *wink*)…

1. Full Name
2. Home Address
(within the United States only)
3. E-mail Address (even if it’s with the one you are sending this entry with, so make sure it is valid as it will be used for notification)
4. In the Subject, Type “Brooklyn’s Finest Blu-ray Contest”
5. Send Entry to:
(if link does not work, please copy and paste the address)

Contest will end on July 31st, 2010 and the winner will be e-mailed.

That’s it! Good luck to everyone!

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Feb 092010

Drop Zone is the typical mid-90s action flick: average script – this one was co-written by, of all people, High School Musical series scribe Peter Barsocchini –, forgettable action sequences, a low budget and a (then) A-list actor willing to take the money to put his name on the poster.


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