Feb 222018

The 9 Lives Movie Collection is the usual cheap release put out by Mill Creek mostly recycling Sony movies they have the rights for and probably were part of a collection in the past. Considering the movies here, you’re really not getting high quality work but some entertaining flicks mixed in with some bad ones


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Sep 122017

Cartels is merely the latest example, a sad one, of just how far Steven Seagal has fallen. The man who once made Under Siege 2 an entertaining romp has been reduced to mumbling lines and half-assing many fight scenes. Still, this is ever so slightly better than some of his other recent ventures, but that’s not saying a whole lot.


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Dec 022016

End of a Gun somehow is the worst Steven Seagal movie which is saying something given his last few outings. There’s nothing redeemable about it save for Jade Ewen, though it’s not for her acting ability, but I give her props for showing some emotion unlike the bulky star.


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Jun 252016

Code of Honor is one of the worst movies I’ve come across this year and easily the worst of Seagal’s now free-falling career. The acting was at best average from a supporting cast that at least were trying while Seagal was sleepwalking, action scenes that were poorly shot and laughable post-production work with bad CGI.


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Dec 212013

Force of Execution is yet another lame direct-to-video action movie that serves only for producer/star Steven Seagal to get together with friends and have a good ‘ole time, coherent plot be damned. For their parts, Ving Rhames and Danny Trejo are ho-hum with thin characters and the fight scenes, while nicely choreographed, leads only to an unsatisfying finale which only made me regret the 95-minutes I committed to the film.


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Jan 312011

While the final battle at the end was awesome, I don’t see myself ever watching this film again. Oh, maybe I will since they apparently plan on making two sequels to the film. I smell a Direct to DVD/Blu-ray success here just like From Dusk Till Dawn. Can’t wait to own that triple pack for $5.99 from my local Wal-Mart…


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Jan 252010

The movie wasn’t all bad though, as maybe I’m just being a little too critical. I had fun watching the movie, as usual, since Seagal just runs around for 90 minutes basically killing everyone he meets.


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