Oct 222016

Independence Day: Resurgence is merely the latest example of why some sequels are not necessary. Although I don’t think this was awful, and frankly outside of the President’s speech, the first one is hardly great in terms of storytelling, there really is no reason for this to existl.


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Aug 292013

The Fugitive remains one of the best action-thrillers I’ve seen in many years and easily a standout of TV to screen adaptations. Despite being 130-minutes long, the film flies by and utilizes each minute with little filler. The performances from Ford and Jones are phenomenal even though neither of them shared more than a few minutes of screen time together.



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Oct 122011

“CSI: NY” might not be the best television series on the air or even second best compared with some of the series with top notch writing and acting on today, but even so, the ensemble cast is really good and the stories at least are compelling even when the science might stretch things. This seventh season DVD release has some OK features while the video and audio transfer are both solid.


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