Dec 202016

Lionsgate has announced the date and released artwork for the war drama, Hacksaw Ridge starring Andrew Garfield and directed by Mel Gibson (The Passion of the Christ). Click on the link below or image to the left to check out the features and artwork.



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Jan 082016

Needless to say, Everest isn’t exactly a lighthearted adventure flick but in spite of that, and some so-so writing, the performances from the ensemble cast, Jason Clarke and Josh Brolin especially, makes it worthwhile, though for myself, I’m not sure if I’d ever revisit it. The Blu-ray released by Universal offers excellent video and audio transfers and a fine selection of bonus material.


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Jul 162014

Sabotage could’ve been better and Schwarzenegger, who wasn’t that bad, was kind of mis-cast with someone like a Russell Crowe probably being better suited for the role. However, the action scenes were well choreographed including the final chase sequence and despite having mostly despicable characters, I still managed to be slightly entertained and engaging, plot holes and all.


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Jun 252012

Overall, Wrath of the Titans isn’t a bad movie, just a poorly made one. It apparently cost $150 million and it seems you can see every penny of it on screen with some decent visual effects, good production design and well made costumes. However, the characters are paper thin, the story unexciting and the action ultimately forgettable. The Blu-ray offers up excellent video and audio transfers and the features, while nothing great, can be interesting to watch.


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May 212012

Admittedly, the plot for Man on a Ledge is on the preposterous side with sizeable plot holes but given what it is and the cast gathered, I was still rather entertained. Sam Worthington is for once able to hold his own, albeit with a weaker script, and the supporting cast is impressive. The Blu-ray offers good video and audio transfer but utterly drops the ball in the features department.



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Jan 172012

Texas Killing Fields is a bit of a disappointment. Director Ami Canaan Mann has some of the visual talents of her father but the story doesn’t quite fit and most of all, the characters are soulless and/or un-relatable. I couldn’t care less what happened to anybody in this film and thus didn’t care for the crimes themselves. This is not a compelling movie in any way which is unfortunately given the talent attached.



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Nov 192009


Something donned on me half-way through the fourth movie in the never-die Terminator franchise. It was during a huge, awesome explosion that something rang in my ear: cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching. No, not the money the movie didn’t make at the box office (a disappointing $371m worldwide) but the amount of cash the studio spent for the special and visual effects extravaganza; yet, they apparently ran out of money to spend on a half-way decent script. It’s as if the studio needed to see where the money was being spent in the form of explosions rather than, oh I don’t know, characters with personalities…


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