Aug 052017

I am so sick of these found footage films and Phoenix Forgotten is one of the poorer outings, even when I went in with low of low expectations. Two-thirds of the movie is utterly dull and the finale hardly can make up for the lack of interest that came before, to go along with cardboard cutout characters.


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Jun 252016

The Martian: Extended Edition is a well made sci-fi thriller but admittedly, I think the theatrical version is tighter though there are a couple nice additions to the Extended Cut while other scenes weren’t necessary. As for this Blu-ray release, which should’ve been the initial release anyway, it offers up amazing video/audio transfers and some extensive bonus material.


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Mar 192015

Exodus: Gods and Kings had the best of intentions especially in the technical departments from costumes, construction and visual effects, but for all the talk and lengthy running time, it all feels empty, void of any interesting actors not to mention some unintentional humor. The Blu-ray release offered by Fox is pretty basic with an OK commentary track and selection of deleted scenes, but little else given the bulk of features were reserved for the 3D Blu-ray combo pack.


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 03/19/2015  Blu-ray Reviews, Screen Caps
Nov 132010

After a long delay, I finally got the entire review done of this massive 6-disc Blu-ray set and I will admit, this is easily the best movie collection on Blu-ray that I’ve encountered as it not only ported over every feature from not only the 9-disc DVD set (which I am happy to finally rid myself of) but also some text and image features from the old Laserdisc Archive (not to mention fantastic audio and video transfers). So, click the link below and see the breakdown of what all is included…


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 11/13/2010  Blu-ray Reviews, Screen Caps
Dec 212009

Here is the trailer for Ridley Scott’s anticipated Robin Hood tale starring Russell Crowe.

 12/21/2009  Trailers