Jan 302015

Richard Pryor was one of a kind who rarely compromised his standards, not giving a lick about offending others and also revolutionized stand-up comedy and has influenced so many over the years and till this day. The documentary itself is well done if not low key in its approach nicely weaving archival footage with new interviews (including the late Robin Williams) with a variety of comedians and show biz folks who knew and worked with Pryor.


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Jan 232012

See No Evil, Hear No Evil is Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder at their best. The story isn’t great and in fact is quite dumb but the pair’s comedic timing and chemistry makes the 100-minutes so worthwhile. As far as the Blu-ray is concerned, not surprisingly there are no features but the audio and video transfers are definitely better than the DVD counterpart.



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 01/23/2012  Blu-ray Reviews, Screen Caps