May 302016

Jeepers Creepers 2 isn’t anything great and doesn’t quite have the same atmosphere as the first half of the original, however on the whole it’s still an entertaining horror-thriller with more tinge of humor thrown in this go around. The cast, outside of Ray Wise, aren’t as memorable and a few are more than obnoxious (albeit purposefully).


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Apr 022014

Twisted Tales is an interesting concept taking more than a little cue from “Tales from the Crypt” and getting together some decent talent by Tom Holland who wrote and directed each of the nine vignettes. However, more than a few of those aren’t very good or well acted yet there’s a couple that are at least watchable including the one starring William Forsythe and Danielle Harris.


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Sep 142012

Rosewood Lane might’ve had potential if it had gone through the screenwriting process a couple more times but even so, I wasn’t at all impressed. Rose McGowan gives an adequate performance I suppose and relative newcomer Daniel Ross Owens tries his best but instead of making for a threatening villain, he’s instead a perplexing, even confusing character. The Blu-ray has solid video and audio transfers and though limited, the solo featurette isn’t entirely bad.


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 09/14/2012  Blu-ray Reviews, Screen Caps