Feb 102015

Bird People is a slow moving film that will test one’s patience where scenes tend to drag on but the performances are all pretty good and on that front, it at least has some redeeming value, but little else. The DVD released by MPI doesn’t have much to offer with a mere trailer and standard video/audio transfers.


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Jan 252014

Big Sur is a solid drama featuring great performances, particularly from Jean-Marc Barr while the cinematography and score are both absolutely beautiful. The DVD released by Ketchup Entertainment is pretty minimal with good audio/video transfers but limited in the bonus feature arena.



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Sep 242013

The Frozen Ground excels in many areas from a welcomed subtle performance by Nicolas Cage, a mature turn for Vanessa Hudgens and John Cusack playing the thankless role as the creepy and thoroughly disturbing serial killer. However, for all the good acting by the main cast and beautiful, Oscar-worthy, cinematography, it never quite reaches its potential as a compelling true crime-drama despite all the good and, from what I could tell, keeping with some of the facts, though speculation was thrown in to help the dramatic elements. Even so, this is a good movie worth watching.

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Aug 262013

Evidence disguises itself as just another crime-thriller but instead yet the latest in the unfortunately long line of films employing the cheap found footage treatment around half-baked stories. For their parts, the two big names with Radha Mitchell and Stephen Moyer don’t get a whole heck of a lot to do except for staring at monitors so this was probably either a quick payday or a favor for one of the filmmakers



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Feb 062013

Silent Hill Revelation is the latest horror/thriller to come down the pike where filmmakers throw random crap at the screen and then try to stuff it all into a half-assed screenplay and story in the hopes nobody would care or notice especially if they pay lip service to a certain demographic. Personally, I got very little out of the movie as most of the scenes were gross rather than scary which only led to something that was dreadfully boring and forgettable.


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Jan 182010

Chalk this up to yet another disappointing film of many disappointments. Surrogates never had the air of originality as it looked like a lighter and even cheaper version of I, Robot meets Terminator, but I still thought it could’ve been one hell of an entertaining movie. Well, I was partially satisfied yet at the end was left wanting more.



Surrogates, his latest action/thriller flick, under-performed at the theaters and has caused me to wonder if his appeal as an actor is truly gone from audiences. I can say that after watching the movie I heard nothing good about that his appeal really is gone.


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