Aug 282014

Aftermath is a well crafted, and altogether simply made, apocalyptic thriller that serves more as a psychological character study more than anything else, and certainly more than the cause of the nuclear attacks. The characters themselves can be on the clichéd side but still interesting enough to want to get through until the end.



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Jan 282014

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy is one of the best documentaries made on a single franchise cutting through the typical back-slapping you tend to get with interviews and instead there was honesty about the flaws the movies had, difficulties filming and how the franchise ultimately built New Line Cinema. The Blu-ray has OK video and audio transfers but there’s a fair amount of bonus materials.


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Oct 192010

I appreciate the passion the filmmakers had making Night of the Demons with the dark humor as well as paying respects to the original, but unfortunately it did not translate well in the final product as the story never worked for me and the acting, even from this group, was spotty.


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