Jun 082020

The Deer Hunter makes its debut on 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray through Shout Factory’s well done presentation including several new interviews and previously released commentary track. The film features great performances from Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken.


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Dec 302019

Little Big Lies seems like more or less a grown-up version of Pretty Little Liars and does excel thanks to a great ensemble cast that includes Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern and new to the season, the venerable Meryl Streep.


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Mar 302019

Mary Poppins Returns by all accounts did service as a sequel in both style and tone but for myself, nothing really stands out other than some respectable set design and a few of the performances, otherwise the music itself was bland and it did feel a tad long.


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Dec 182016

Florence Foster Jenkins on the whole isn’t exactly a memorable film in of itself but with yet another great performance by Meryl Streep, with honorable mentions to Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg, makes it at least a worthwhile watch if only to see the acting tour-de-force.


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Apr 212016

Death Becomes Her definitely has its moments and even though it was made in 1992 well before the visual effects technology had taken off to what it is today, but it features some respectable effects, particularly with the hole in Hawn’s stomach. Outside of that, the jokes don’t entirely work but at the very least the core cast work well against one another, Streep especially.


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Dec 012014

The Giver is a perfectly acceptable sci-fi suspense/thriller but outside of being passable, it doesn’t really offer much else, although Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep both help keep it afloat from a story that falls a bit short in terms of weight. The Blu-ray released by Anchor Bay has an OK selection of bonus material.



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Apr 252014

Sophie’s Choice is a harrowing drama set against truly haunting images. The performances from Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline and Peter MacNicol are all fantastic. The Blu-ray released by Shout Factory is hardly perfect with merely acceptable audio and video transfers but the roundtable discussion featurette is well worth watching.



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Jun 112013

Rendition is an OK film shining light on a controversial practice but the drama is overwrought with over-the-top acting especially from Reese Witherspoon who seemed to have taken the role aiming for another Academy Award. But Meryl Streep and Alan Arkin are quite good in their limited roles.



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Jan 312012

Adaptation is a, well, interesting viewing experience. It’s a film propelled by a fantastic screenplay and incredible performances from Nicolas Cage (who deserved the Oscar), Meryl Streep and Chris Cooper. The Blu-ray offers up good video and audio transfers and although the features are lacking, if you can pick this up for less than $10 and are a fan, then it’s worth picking up.



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Apr 062010

For an adult, this is a Wes Anderson film with animals. With his captivating storytelling, excellent detail sets, and a rocking Audio track, I can’t recommend it enough.


I can’t believe more people haven’t watched this. I haven’t seen a cartoon this good since Nightmare Before Christmas. Fantastic Mr. Fox is an absolute masterpiece in nearly every way. It’s hard to think of anything wrong with this.