May 162017

3:10 to Yuma is one of the best modern westerns that features precision direction from James Mangold and includes a stellar cast by Russell Crowe, Christian Bale and Peter Fonda not to mention Ben Foster, Alan Tudyk and Logan Lerman in supporting roles.


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May 142017

Rock Dog a third tier animated movie that was based off of a Chinese story  and the style, while pleasant enough, has a thin story and, at best, so-so voice performances. For adults it might be somewhat tedious to sit through, but for younger viewers, it’s harmless enough.


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Apr 182016

Concussion is, technically speaking, a well made film and features a good performance from Will Smith, but in spite of what works, at its core the movie is missing a soul. In the hands of a more skilled filmmaker it could’ve been emotionally charged and instead it’s rather forgettable.


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Review: Mill Creek Entertainment Quad-Film Set DVDs

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Jan 282016

These three sets are more bargain releases for Mill Creek Entertainment with titles previously on DVD and in some cases Blu-ray so unless you don’t already own these, it might be worth picking up at $10 a pop, though don’t expect any frills and the video and audio transfers are so-so at best.


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Review: Meadowland DVD

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Jan 242016

Meadowland is a respectable enough debut from Reed Marano to the point that although it misfires on an emotional level, not to mention the screenplay could’ve used a re-write, it does excel with a stellar performance by Olivia Wilde.


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May 242013

My Super Ex-Girlfriend never quite fulfills the potential of the storyline but the movie still is fun propelled by entertaining performances by Uma Thurman, Anna Faris and, to a certain extent, Luke Wilson. The Blu-ray offers solid audio and video transfers but leaves out the features from the DVD release. Since the SRP is $17.99, it is a bit pricey for what you are getting, but if you can buy it in the $5 range, then it might be worth the upgrade.


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