Sep 052014

Any Given Sunday is an engaging movie that many sports, especially NFL, will enjoy and not only holds up today, but kind of predicts a few trends that have permeated college and pro football. The Blu-ray released by Warner is a retread of the previous release only adding a single bonus feature which, while nice, is hardly worth the price of a double-dip.



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Sep 072013

“NCIS: Los Angeles” is what I would call diversionary programming. It’s not terribly creative, outside of an episode or two, but the cast holds it together with wonderful chemistry. The DVD release from Paramount has a decent amount of features and although the video is good, the audio is merely adequate. If you’re a fan, this fourth season set might be worth the price.



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Oct 022012

“NCIS: LA” is one of the few spin-offs that actually works. It’s far enough removed from the mothership and yet shares the same type of chemistry that takes the show away from crime-of-the-week to something a bit more meaningful. The third season DVD has some good storylines going for it, allowing for each character to get some screen time and more background.


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