Oct 202014

“2 Broke Girls” isn’t the funniest show around and is basically right at home on CBS with the rest like “Two and a Half Men” and “The Big Bang Theory” with some raunchier humor and two hotter women to make it at least watchable. The DVD released by Warner Brothers unfortunately has scaled back in the features department with only some deleted scenes and a gag reel included.



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Sep 242013

“2 Broke Girls”: The Complete Second Season is hardly the funniest show on television but it is perfectly at home on CBS alongside “The Big Bang Theory”, “Two and a Half Men” and “How I Met Your Mother”. I like Kat Dennings and she can be funny but the material she’s given is limited but for her alone, she’s worth keeping up with the series.


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May 062011

By no means is Daydream Nation a perfect movie as it doesn’t quite hit the emotional notes but it’s still well worth checking out. Kat Dennings delivers a fine performance alongside a solid supporting cast who take the script up a notch. The Blu-ray unfortunately offers little in terms of features but the video and audio transfers are both very good.


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Nov 162009


This will be a quick review. Shorts is a movie for kids made by a big kid in writer/director Robert Rodriguez continuing on from the modestly successful Spy Kids movies he made in between Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Planet Terror and Machete, oh and he has a fourth Spy Kids in the pipeline. I guess he figures while he’s making movies targeting adults, might as well give the kids something. Read More…