Sep 172014

This Star Trek “The Compendium” 4-disc set is certainly a cash-grab by Paramount but with a low SRP, those who don’t already own either set might be swayed to get this one as it contains a plethora of bonus features and for big fans, about 30-minutes of IMAX footage on Star Trek Into Darkness. However, if you already own either movie, skip this altogether especially since I’m sure there will be a trilogy set once the third film is released on home video.


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Apr 042014

I cannot describe how much I didn’t like Walking with Dinosaurs from the voice over work to the humor which doesn’t work at all. Also, although the landscape is stunning, the CGI elements aren’t overly impressive but can easily be overlooked. The Blu-ray released by Fox doesn’t offer very many features save for some interactive stuff but the audio/video transfers are both quite good.


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