Jul 162014

Sabotage could’ve been better and Schwarzenegger, who wasn’t that bad, was kind of mis-cast with someone like a Russell Crowe probably being better suited for the role. However, the action scenes were well choreographed including the final chase sequence and despite having mostly despicable characters, I still managed to be slightly entertained and engaging, plot holes and all.


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 07/16/2014  Blu-ray Reviews, Screen Caps
Nov 192013

Paranoia is the latest exercise in mediocrity despite having a few very talented actors attached. The story is clichéd filled and the performances, again despite the talent, are at best phoned in. It’s not a terrible film and as passable entertainment might be worth a whirl (rental), but otherwise pass it by.



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 11/19/2013  Blu-ray Reviews, Screen Caps