Mar 242016

The Manchurian Candidate is a movie for its time, fear of communism and an idea that I’m sure some find merit today, a politician being controlled by a foreign government or, as is the case with the 2004 remake, corporation. The film also excels in the acting department with top notch performances by Sinatra, Harvey and Lansbury.


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Review: Birdman of Alcatraz BD + Screen Caps

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Dec 052014

Bird Man of Alcatraz is certainly a lengthy film clocking in damn near 3 hours, but the performance from Burt Lancaster is phenomenal and the subject matter in itself is interesting, that being said, not sure when I’d revisit it, but hopefully soon. The Blu-ray released by Twilight Time offers good video and audio transfers but the bonus material, save for the commentary, has much to be desired (which isn’t very much).


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Mar 022012

Reindeer Games isn’t too bad of a movie and although it does feel too long, it’s still passable entertainment headlined by a unique performance from Gary Sinise. However, I cannot say this Blu-ray release is any good. While it’s nice all of the features were ported over and the audio is serviceable, the video is utter crap and easily the worst I’ve encountered. Unless you don’t own this on DVD – and even then I wouldn’t pay a penny over $5 – I would just skip this release altogether.


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