Jun 032016

Get a Job is the quintessential movie that gathered dust on some shelf and finally saw the light of day courtesy of an On Demand or DTV release; it’s also telling that the film couldn’t get sold in spite of co-starring Anna Kendrick hot off of the success of Pitch Perfect. The final result is a laugh-less comedy with thinly written characters.


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Sep 052014

Any Given Sunday is an engaging movie that many sports, especially NFL, will enjoy and not only holds up today, but kind of predicts a few trends that have permeated college and pro football. The Blu-ray released by Warner is a retread of the previous release only adding a single bonus feature which, while nice, is hardly worth the price of a double-dip.



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Feb 132013

Highlander 2: Renegade Version still has many problems which of course were not fixable without major reshoots but I do at least give credit to the editors for trying to present a half-decent movie. No doubt, it’s still not a very good movie although it would make for a fun Friday night drinking game, rife with many scenes worthy of mockery.



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Nov 202009


After what many thought would be the series finale on NBC (a horrible Princess Bride spoof), the show was magically renewed for another, final season on ABC. Disney produces the show which aired on NBC so they are allowed to renew a show if the network cancels it. So here we are with the Final season of “Scrubs”… not. We all know by now after the second series finale aired ABC once again renewed the show (mainly for syndication reasons as the show makes bank, but also to appease Bill Lawrence who also has the new hit show “Cougar Town” airing on the network).