Dec 222017

The Adventurers isn’t great but still a fun enough crime-heist movie mainly working thanks to its stars, Andy Lau and Jean Reno, playing a great foil for Lau and his crew. The action is decent but nothing you really haven’t already seen before.


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Nov 212015

Léon: The Professional is a masterpiece of work from Luc Besson and is easily my favorite and most emotion-filled film to date. The performances by Jean Reno (who deserved an Oscar nomination), Natalie Portman and Gary Oldman were all fantastic in their own distinctive ways and it’s just an all around well made flick with good mixture of drama and suspense.


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Feb 102015

Well intentioned for sure but ultimately Days and Nights, written and directed by Christian Camargo, is a fairly dull film with some OK acting from a nicely put together named cast; despite the talent involved, it just was not an engaging flick. The DVD released by MPI features good video/audio while the bonus material is relatively basic.


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Dec 042011

This Mission: Impossible “Extreme Blu-ray Trilogy” is hardly extreme and in fact is underwhelming. Each of the discs is merely repackaged with the same features and for the third film, actually removed a second disc full of features. The audio and video transfers are alright but could’ve been better, although the third film does fare the best.


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 12/04/2011  Blu-ray Reviews, Screen Caps
Nov 192009


From Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich, the men who blew up the White House and destroyed every known landmark around the world in ID4 (and subsequently 2012) comes the 1998 monster-adventure that have split audience goers from being a totally awesome popcorn flick to one that completely raped their views on the big green creature. While I could care less how this compares to the Japanese versions, Godzilla has its own problems without making those comparisons.


 11/19/2009  Blu-ray Reviews