Nov 112015

The Gift is one of the better surprises of 2015 and knockout feature-length directorial debut by Joel Edgerton and just one suspenseful and unpredictable (for the most part) film to come around in some time. It’s well acted, especially by Jason Bateman, and at the very least well worth a rental if not all out purchase.


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 11/11/2015  Blu-ray Reviews, Screen Caps
Feb 272015

Horrible Bosses 2 like its comedy sequels that have come before (see The Hangover 2 & 3), is the definition of unnecessary and kind of lazy in its jokes. On the plus side Chris Pine was a hoot to watch in a completely comedic role (vs. the balance of snark and drama in the Star Trek movies) and the three stooges at least looked like they were having a good time which helped pass the time.



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 02/27/2015  Blu-ray Reviews, Screen Caps
Jan 142015

The Longest Week has a great cast and an interesting story, but the execution was off and seemed to draw from other, often better, movies and filmmakers like P.T. Anderson and Woody Allen, the latter especially. If you can get over the pretentious nature of the two male leads then it might be worth a rental, otherwise skip this misfire of a drama-comedy.



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Dec 282009

I’m being gracious by giving this film half a star, as though it was probably one of the worst movies I’ve seen in at least two days. The phenomenon that was Mike Judge is no more, as the last few of his flicks have tanked at the box-office and also with movie-goers all around. The characters suck, the jokes suck, and Ben Affleck’s character is slightly amusing.


 12/28/2009  DVD Reviews
Dec 162009


Mike Judge scored a cult hit with Office Space a film that did abysmal business at the box office but took on a life of its own speaking to all those who have endured the tireless daily gruel of the corporate office. Problem is, in what is only Judge’s third film in 10 years, Extract never quite strike the right chord despite a few funny scenes…


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