Nov 052017

The DC Universe: 10th Anniversary Collection is an excellent release that even though some of the animated movies aren’t the best, having them in one place is nice. The only issue I have is, there is going to be more releases and given how physical media is going, not entirely sure there will be a volume 2 release, but who knows.


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Oct 302017

Westworld: Season One: The Maze isn’t perfect with some stretches meandering at times, but more than making up for it are some excellent performances from the likes of Hopkins, Harris, Newton and others.


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Jul 052017

Warner Home Video has announced the date and released artwork for the acclaimed sci-fi drama, Westworld: Season One starring Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, James Marsden, Jeffrey Wright, Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins. Click on the link below or image to the left to check out the features and artwork.



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Mar 022016

My bias for this movie aside, Disturbing Behavior is at least an entertaining little thriller with some fun moments that sets it apart from others of the like. The cast is a lot of fun especially for Nick Stahl and William Sadler in his brief role, not to mention seeing Katie Holmes playing against type.


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Feb 082015

The Best of Me is the typical Nicholas Sparks tripe that was permissible in his earlier adaptations (still like The Notebook in spite of a few flaws) and now we get the template and a predictable story capped off with a chuckle-worthy conclusion which only had me cursing at the screen.


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Mar 222014

Anchorman 2: The Legend of Ron Burgundy has a few amusing moments and biting satire on 24-hours news networks, but although the cast seems to work well with one another, I found the movie itself to drag on especially towards the end. As someone who wasn’t a huge fan of the original, I came into this with little expectations and it pretty well met them.


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Mar 172012

If you don’t have anything else on the shelf for your kids to watch, then Hop might be worth a rental. If you don’t have kids, then skip it completely. The Blu-ray doesn’t amount to much either with light/fluffy features though the video and audio transfers are good.



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Jun 062011

The Superman: The Complete Anthology is a fine set for sure and while the features are certainly comprehensive between vintage featurettes and multiple expansive documentaries and commentaries, but in particular the video has much to be desired. This isn’t to say they don’t look good but compared with the work Fox did with their Alien complete set, this one pales by comparison.


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Mar 172010

Richard Kelly is a talented and unique writer. Even his disappointing sophomore picture, Southland Tales had vision and flare and although it never could measure up to Donnie Darko, I could at least appreciate portions of it. Outside of some individual scenes, The Box doesn’t have much going for it.


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This is truly an awful movie, and the only reason I gave this half a star is due to Diaz trying to fake a southern accent. It truly is the only reason to bother with viewing this muck.