Sep 252020

The Focus Features: 10-Movie Spotlight Collection is a good selection of dramas, some better than others and one that is a personal favorite of mine (Lost in Translation). That being said, this is only worth picking up if you don’t own any of the 10 films, though the cost per movie is reasonable.


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Dec 242017

The Dark Knight might just be the closest to superhero movie perfection as they come and although it might be mostly remembered for Heath Ledger’s amazing performance which garnered him an Oscar posthumously, the script is expertly written by Jonathan and Christopher Nolan.


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Dec 232009

I must have watched 10 Things I Hate About You 50+ times over the years and it never gets old. And of course with the passing of Heath Ledger it took on another angle seeing a great talent in his first Hollywood role, one that would catapult him into fame, a status he took seriously taking the road less traveled rather than going after the easy dollar doing more teen comedies. And that makes 10 Things even more special.


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