Aug 292019

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is a movie I had little expectations for considering, at least from memory, not caring a whole lot for the previous entry, but even then, the film feels every bit of its 2+ hour running time and features paper-thin characters.


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Sep 162014

Godzilla version 2014 isn’t a bad movie, not by any stretch, but it didn’t quite meet its full potential. The visual effects are great and when Godzilla finally shows up on screen, 59-minutes in no less, the energy picks up only to get bogged down again with the human element which, despite some good actors (mainly Strathairn, Cranston and Watanabe), feels like a waste of time with minimal payoff either emotionally or thematically.


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Nov 192009


From Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich, the men who blew up the White House and destroyed every known landmark around the world in ID4 (and subsequently 2012) comes the 1998 monster-adventure that have split audience goers from being a totally awesome popcorn flick to one that completely raped their views on the big green creature. While I could care less how this compares to the Japanese versions, Godzilla has its own problems without making those comparisons.


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