Criminal Minds: Season 12 DVD

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Sep 042017

Criminal Minds: Season 12 is a slight step down from previous years due to the drastic cast changes that began with Shemar Moore’s departure in the eleventh season and now the firing of Thomas Gibson. Still, I do enjoy the core cast and the stories are compelling enough.


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Oct 212014

The Prince is a generic action movie that seemed to be geared towards Jason Statham but instead got Jason Patric who at least did come off better bad ass than he did in Speed 2… Still, it’s passable entertainment even though you won’t remember a single thing about it the following day.



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Sep 242013

The Frozen Ground excels in many areas from a welcomed subtle performance by Nicolas Cage, a mature turn for Vanessa Hudgens and John Cusack playing the thankless role as the creepy and thoroughly disturbing serial killer. However, for all the good acting by the main cast and beautiful, Oscar-worthy, cinematography, it never quite reaches its potential as a compelling true crime-drama despite all the good and, from what I could tell, keeping with some of the facts, though speculation was thrown in to help the dramatic elements. Even so, this is a good movie worth watching.

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