Sep 252020

The Focus Features: 10-Movie Spotlight Collection is a good selection of dramas, some better than others and one that is a personal favorite of mine (Lost in Translation). That being said, this is only worth picking up if you don’t own any of the 10 films, though the cost per movie is reasonable.


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May 262019

Batman & Robin is just an all around terrible movie and truly a corporate movie made to sell toys, but thankfully it did tank at the box office ushering in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, but man this movie did not improve, even on the so bad its good level.


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Apr 022019

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has announced the date and released artwork for the all four Batman films starring Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Jack Nicholson and many others. Click on the link below or image to the left to check out the features and artwork.



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Jan 282018

Suburbicon probably had some good ideas at its core, mostly perhaps by the Coen Brothers, and one would think someone like George Clooney who has not only worked with them but no doubt has the highest reverence for the two might make for a good replacement, Instead we get a mishmash of ideas that never come together.


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Sep 072016

Money Monster, in spite of the talent involved, never delivers. George Clooney and Julia Roberts give good performances but I had a really hard time feeling sorry for Jack O’Connell’s Kyle character even as the filmmakers try to pull at the dramatic strings in the third act.


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Jun 012016

Hail, Caesar for me was a major misstep for the Coen Brothers even with what certainly passion behind their love letter to 1950s Hollywood. Outside of George Clooney and Tilda Swinton, the other cast members were more or less cameo appearances.


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Mar 192015

This Two-Disc “Diamond Luxe Edition” of Gravity is a quality release though this should’ve been what was released originally. What you get over the original version are a couple new features including a 42-minute historical featurette and the new Dolby Atmos audio track which is a fine upgrade, though the original DTS-HD MA 5.1 track was pretty darn good on its own and Atmos takes it to the next level.


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Feb 202014

Gravity is certainly one of the better movies, though not the best, to come out of 2013 and between the technological achievements by Alfonso Cuarón and the VFX crew, a taut story and Sandra Bullock’s performance, it’s one heck of a journey that I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s not a movie for everybody and admittedly Cuarón utilization of symbolism is at times a bit laughable, I still recommend this movie.


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Mar 012013

Argo has plenty of problems with regards to historical accuracies, but even when taking liberties with the story and characters, producer/director Ben Affleck highlights a story not many Americans know about and presents a suspense-thriller with greatly intense moments with a couple standout performances. As far as the Blu-ray is concerned, both the video and audio transfers are well done and for a Warner Brothers release, there’s a fair amount of features to peruse.


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Nov 162011

This “Miramax Multi-Feature” set from Echo Bridge Home Entertainment packages together one good movie, a decent making-of documentary and two bad sequels. While all four features are on one disc, I thought each didn’t look too bad, though something like Full Tilt Boogie was not made for high-def and it shows.



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Sep 062010

The Peacemaker has all earmarks of a generic mid/late ‘90s action-thriller and is only remembered thanks to the then up-and-coming star in George Clooney and the beauty of Nicole Kidman otherwise this could’ve easily been just another direct-to-video affair. The Blu-ray itself has a nice enough, though unimpressive, video transfer while the audio is also suitable with some good depth during the action scenes but the dialogue levels could’ve been better.


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Apr 062010

For an adult, this is a Wes Anderson film with animals. With his captivating storytelling, excellent detail sets, and a rocking Audio track, I can’t recommend it enough.


I can’t believe more people haven’t watched this. I haven’t seen a cartoon this good since Nightmare Before Christmas. Fantastic Mr. Fox is an absolute masterpiece in nearly every way. It’s hard to think of anything wrong with this.