Jul 052012

Impostor isn’t a terrible film, at least not as bad as some have made it out to be, but it does come across amateurish in its style (Fleder seems to love using angles), but the acting isn’t too bad and the production design and, given the budget, visual effects is OK. This isn’t the kind of film that will challenge your brain and compared with other Philip K. Dick adaptations, it’s a mid level release.



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Mar 022012

Reindeer Games isn’t too bad of a movie and although it does feel too long, it’s still passable entertainment headlined by a unique performance from Gary Sinise. However, I cannot say this Blu-ray release is any good. While it’s nice all of the features were ported over and the audio is serviceable, the video is utter crap and easily the worst I’ve encountered. Unless you don’t own this on DVD – and even then I wouldn’t pay a penny over $5 – I would just skip this release altogether.


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Oct 122011

“CSI: NY” might not be the best television series on the air or even second best compared with some of the series with top notch writing and acting on today, but even so, the ensemble cast is really good and the stories at least are compelling even when the science might stretch things. This seventh season DVD release has some OK features while the video and audio transfer are both solid.


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