Aug 022016

Last Days in the Desert seems to be a passion project from all involved and anyone not interested in movies with a personal journey, as a fair portion McGregor treks through the desert, this might bore you. Still, Ewan McGregor does turn in a nice performance but otherwise it’s a throwaway movie that I have no interest in seeing again.


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May 122015

When it comes down to it Mortdecai is just a bad movie. None of the jokes worked and Johnny Depp’s latest outlandish performance is no longer charming and the respectable supporting cast is completely wasted. This is not even worth a rental. As for the Blu-ray, the bonus material is basic while the video/audio transfers are more than respectable.


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 05/12/2015  Blu-ray Reviews, Screen Caps
Jun 052013

This 4K mastered release of Angels & Demons is certainly an upgrade over its Blu-ray counterpart, HOWEVER, it’s not a huge one nor something worth the $15 price point for a release that didn’t bother porting over the features (even if they were placed on a second disc). Still, if you have the proper equipment you’ll see a good difference.



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Jun 042012

Perfect Sense is not a movie for everybody but the chemistry between Ewan McGregor and Eva Green as well as a compelling story makes it at least worth watching at least once. Unlike a movie like Contagion, this deals almost entirely on human emotion and little to nothing about the actual epidemic, its causes and possible cures. Similar to Never Let Me Go which is about cloning, that film as well centers on human relations than the ethics of cloning.


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Apr 202012

Haywire is one of those movies that should’ve been a lot more fun than it actually was. The action scenes are well done and the fight sequences are realistic and not overdone to the extreme that you often see in over-the-top Hollywood flicks. However, from the get-go, the movie never has that energy or drive that makes one care about any of these characters, made harder when the supporting cast is only in it for 10-15 minutes at a time.


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 04/20/2012  Blu-ray Reviews, Screen Caps
Jun 082011

In the hands of another director who adherer’s to the old substance over style of filmmaking, The Island could’ve been a profound, even memorable film. Instead, we get several insane (and inane) action sequences with some semblance of a substantive story where the action takes precedence over all else with Bay’s signature shots thrown in for good measure.


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 06/08/2011  Blu-ray Reviews, Screen Caps
Nov 142009


Angels & Demons, the sequel to 2006’s The Da Vinci Code, was originally slated for a 2008 release but due to the writers’ strike, it was delayed. Many, myself included, felt The Da Vinci Code was a bloated and boring adaptation to a controversial international best seller that told the story that Jesus took on a wife and his bloodline still existed. However, where there was extreme interest in Da Vinci, such controversies were basically non-existent with Angels & Demons. Read More…

 11/14/2009  Blu-ray Reviews