Sep 072013

“NCIS: Los Angeles” is what I would call diversionary programming. It’s not terribly creative, outside of an episode or two, but the cast holds it together with wonderful chemistry. The DVD release from Paramount has a decent amount of features and although the video is good, the audio is merely adequate. If you’re a fan, this fourth season set might be worth the price.



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Feb 102013

Celeste and Jesse Forever does have some things going for it like the chemistry between Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg but how the main character, Celeste, was written (partially by Jones herself) made her come across as awfully self-centered and the key scene where she seeks redemption doesn’t help matters as it takes place at her best friend’s wedding. Still, as a rental this might be worth it as there are some nice moments and it doesn’t take the typical path in the genre.


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Oct 022012

“NCIS: LA” is one of the few spin-offs that actually works. It’s far enough removed from the mothership and yet shares the same type of chemistry that takes the show away from crime-of-the-week to something a bit more meaningful. The third season DVD has some good storylines going for it, allowing for each character to get some screen time and more background.


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